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Quality Basket

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Giving A Fruit Gift Basket Is Just About The The Most Ideal Present

The fruit basket is a gift that can be given to just about everyone and one that is perfect for absolutely any occasion. This is a gift that is good for the kids teachers, neighbors, family and friends, Christmas, Valentine's Day and event the Forth of July. Creating your own basket is pretty simple.

There are just a few simple supplies you will need to put together your git of fruit. You will want to have the container, scissors, colored shredded paper, heat-sealable plastic wrap, a blow dryer, ribbons and bows and yes, the fruit.

Colorful fruit is best to use along with the usual kinds of fruits. The fruit needs to be of the highest quality and organic fruit is a nice addition. You will want to use fruits that everyone loves like bananas, apples and oranges but also you an incorporate more interesting and unusual fruits like mangoes, kiwi and pineapple.

Now it is time to put your gift together. Whatever you have chosen for your container needs to be lined with the colored shredded paper for a nice nesting place for the fruit. Put the biggest fruit on the bottom layer or to the side and then build up the rest of the fruit around the biggest pieces in layers. Keep in mind the colors and make them pleasing to the eye as well.

To seal the gift basket and protect the fruit you need to use a heat-sealable plastic. Plastic gift wrapping comes in different designs and colors but you should be sure it says that it is approved for use with food products. The gift wrap should be cut three times larger than the basket.

With the wrapping paper laying out flat put the basket in the center and then raise the sides to meet at the middle and seal it at the top. Use a blow dryer to heat the plastic wrapping and seal it together making a kind of gift bag.

Now it is time to decorate your gift with anything you think the person receiving the gift will enjoy. You can add candies, flowers, bows, ribbons, or anything that is decorative. Gift baskets with fruit a yummy and healthy and always something that lights up the face of the person who receives the gift. In fact, it is so good that giving the same gift to the same person more than once is a good thing. The will actually begin to anticipate your special gift of fruit which is always an enjoyable thing.

If you do decide to give this gift often you will want to change it up some. You can use nuts, flowers or even a special item as the center of the basket that the person who get the present will enjoy. The special item can be surrounded with nuts and fruits and maybe some flowers or chocolates. There are really any number of variations that will work well with this kind of gift.

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Quality Basket

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Where can I download free episodes of Fruits Basket in avi format?

I can't pay money for them, and I don't care whether they're subbed or dubbed. They HAVE to be in .avi format and preferably from a site I don't have to register to, but whichever. Free. Emphasis on the free. And not a site I'd have to pay to register to. I would also like decent quality because I'll be making AMVs. =] Thanks for the help!


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