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Flexible mold polymer clay resin chocolate dinosaurs YOU CHOOSE

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Vintage Metal Clay Mold DINOSAURS

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Dinosaur Mold

Flying Snakes Subject To Department Of Defense Study

Some people - Indiana Jones included - view snakes as creepy crawlies. What do the afraid do with flying snakes, then? Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to get up close and personal with a particular breed found in southeast Asia, India and southern China. These flying snakes are from the genus Chrysopelea, and the military seems to want to duplicate their ability. Chrysopelea flying snakes like to live in trees and can glide between them with ease. The potential is so enticing to DARPA that they're funding a Virginia Tech study of the flying snakes' glide ability, writes the Washington Post.

How do the flying snakes do it?

Scientist are baffled by the snakes ability to fly, they lack fixed wings or any body part that resembles wings; and most flying or gliding creatures have this body part to accomplish their flying. Snakes that appear to be slithering in midair are from the Chrysopelea genus. They have been observed using this ability to move as far as 800 feet in a single glide and from up to 200 feet. ”They become on long wing,” is how Virginia Tech researcher John Socha describes this phenomenon.

Flying snakes can turn in the air

One aspect of Chrysopelea ornata's flight still baffles scientists. After taking a flying leap then falling for a while to pick up speed before undulating, the flying snakes are really able to turn in the air. At the point that this ability was discovered, Socha's previous sponsor - the National Geographic Society - was supplanted by DARPA, an organization enthusiastic about advanced military technology. DARPA won’t reveal much about its research except that the, “physical dynamics of snake flight,” are of great interest. It is known that the venom of the flying snakes won't hurt a human, but it is potent enough to kill a small lizard.

Where the snake originated from

Scientists believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs - which were reptiles - so the concept of flying snakes may not be outlandish. Ancient humans might have been influenced by the flying snakes. In Aztec mythology there had been a feathered snake deity Quetzalcoatl that had been part of the creation of human kind.

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Chrysopelea ornata takes flight


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