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Water Marbling with Dotted Accents

Crystal Accents Water Absorbing Shells Expanding Gel Shapes Vase Filler Decor

DECORATIVE ACCENTS Clear Deco Water Storing Gel Beads for Cut Flowers Plants

Accents Water

Buri OOT Bags And Boxes Add A Touch Of Tropical Islands To Your Wedding

The buri leaf is a fast growing renewable material most commonly found in the South Pacific.  Its flexible nature allows handcrafters to weave the foliage into durable wedding packaging that will be sure to delight your guests.

Out-of-town guest bags (a/k/a OOT bags) are placed in the hotel room and are used to welcome wedding guests who have travelled from afar.  Items found in an OOT bag or box include (but are not limited to): small bottles of water, candy, midnight snacks, toiletries, a tabloid magazine, a beach towel, a pair of flip flops and a snuggly blanket or scarf and a tourist guidebook for the local area.

Buri OOT bags make the perfect accent for a tropical destination wedding, beachside event or down-home southern soiree.  Buri shoulder bags, for example, are large enough to carry all the essentials normally found in a hotel welcome bag.  They fold flat for easy packing and they have a flat bottom so that the bag can stand on its own.  A generously-sized handle allows you to fully pack the buri bag while still allowing the guest to easily tote the bag.

A different style of OOT bag, the Buri Clutch Bags, serves as a wonderful way to present wedding guests with their swag.  A fashionable hole at the top of the buri bag allows your guest to port the bag with ease and style.  A small button closure and rope clasp functions to secure the bag’s contents.  From the handle, you can dangle a colorful hang tag with your names and date to further the look.

Buri boxes make another excellent way to package guest’s "goodies."  Create stylish OOT boxes using two-piece palm-leaf boxes – available in either rectangle or square shape.  The rectangle shape is large enough to contain a few "baby-sized" items such as water, bags of chips, cookies or toiletries.  Square shape boxes are ideal for holding a number of even smaller items like sugary confections, baked goods and pastries.  Wrap a colorful and decorative satin ribbon around the package, then affix a personalized label on top to finish the look.

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