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Double Head

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Obtaining Your Ideal Height Because Of Yoga

Are you included in the group of people who have tried everything and anything just to gain their height? Have tried all the pills who promised to increase your height in no time. You have seen all the herbs and medicines' TV commercials that will increase your height. Well, maybe you have not tried everything. You are forgetting one important and effective way on how to increase your height. Yoga.

There are 4 famous yoga routines that helps in gaining the desired height you’ve been dreaming of:

· Trikona-asana (Triangle pose)

You start at a standing position with your feet kept apart. Twist your right foot in the outward direction and raise your hands on your side to reach a ninety degrees angles from your waist. Then twist your trunk to touch your right foot with your right arm. You need to rotate starting from your waist and point your left hand in an upward position at the same time. Do not forget to exhale after you have done the routine and going back to the original position and repeating same steps starting with your left hand. After performing this routine, your full body will be stretched.

· Marjar-asana (Cat Stretch)

Start with your hands, knees and your palms flat on the floor. Take a deep breath. While stretching your neck and face upward, lower you stomach going to the floor. Keep in this position for a couple of seconds. Exhale and do the same routine in reverse. This routine can help with the stretching of your spinal column that can increase your height if done regularly.

· Karnapid-asana

This exercise can be done only after doing the stretching exercise. In a lying position, raise both your feet to a 90 degrees angle. You need to lower both legs in the direction of your head so it can both land on the sides of your head.

· Bhujang-asana (Cobra Pose)

Lying on your stomach keeping the palms of your hand flat on the floor and start lifting your shoulders and head off the floor. Then raising your upper body, utilizing your arms for support. Lower down your forehead on the floor and back to the original position. In stretching your vertebra, you will increase your height and can develop your flexibility as well.

health kamloops | The Wonderful Healthy Benefits Of Yoga | Constant Yoga Practice Equals Supple Healthy Body


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