Wonderart Kit

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Caron WonderArt Latch Hook Rug Kit Dolphins 34 x 50 Large Open Not Started HTF

WONDER ART Vintage TWILIGHT Rug Wall Hanging LATCH HOOKING Canvas KIT 1970s

Caron WonderArt 4426 Latch Hook Kit Country Barn 30 x 50

NEW Wonderart 426120 Heart Bear Latch Hook Kit 38 x 51cm 15 x 20

Wonderart 426214 Majestic Owl Latch Hook Kit 30 x 50 Rug Wall Art NEW

Wonderart Kit

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Colour missing from Latch Hook Rug Kit 'Snow Wolf'?

I bought a Wonderart Latch Hook Rug Kit called 'Snow Wolf'. The wool colour key says there are four types of blue; light blue (symbol is a bold L), spec. blue (symbol is a square), medium blue (symbol is a triangle, and dark blue (syombol is a Z). However, I only have three of them, a light, medium and dark, but I don't know which blue is missing. I tried counting the strands and matching them to how many the pack says there are to determine which colour I don't have, but all the numbers are wrong. I'm guessing I don't have light or spec. blue (stands for special??) but can't be sure. Does anyone have this kit and had the same problem? It's a christmas gift for a friend and needs to be completed soon.


I recently got a Pirate Ship kit which as three blues: light, medium, and dark. I thought I had a similar problem, missing one of the colors. However, after looking at the strand count and the picture of what the final project is supposed to look like, I realized the answer:

the light blue and the medium blue colors are almost identical. I believe I can tell the difference between between the two, but it is very slight.You probably have all the threads you are supposed to, you just have to look carefully at the blue you have the most of and try to find the difference between two shades. Good luck...