Barbed Wire

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How is barbed wire made and installed?

The barbed wire has so many sharp spikes. How do workers make it without hurting themselves? Won't gloves or anything of that sort reduce the flexibility of their hands and fingers?

What about when it comes to installation? Are tools/machines (such as pliers) actually used? If they are used, wouldn't thieves or other crooks be able to use the same tools to remove them?


Barbed wire is made by a machine. It is usually installed by hand, using really tough gloves and a ratchet (which pulls it tight). The gloves reduce flexibility but luckily you don't need much.
Thieves and crooks surely can use tools to get through it. If you look on a military knife, there is a slot which all you have to do is put the wire in the slot and twist - it snaps thru the wire.
Have you ever seen razor wire - Now there is something not to fool with. Instead of barbs, there are razor blades - that are placed a lot closer together.

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Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire Installation

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